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  Release Date: Sep 16, 2019
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  Runtime: 112 min

3 From Hell Synopsis:

3 from hell is the 2019 movie. The film opens with news reports covering the events at the end of the prior film. The reports also reveal that Baby, Otis, and Captain Spaulding miraculously survived being shot and that they will be tried for their crimes. The trial is widely covered and becomes very popular, with many people protesting that the trio is innocent or was only fighting against the system. All three are found guilty and are sentenced to life in prison.

Captain Spaulding is executed by lethal injection in prison however Otis is reunited with his half-brother Winslow Fox worth “Foxy” Coltrane. During some outside prison work and in the process kill Rondo, who was on the same work crew but did not recognize Otis the two manage to escape from jail. Meanwhile Baby unsuccessfully seeks parole, as her mental state has greatly deteriorated since incarceration.

Otis and Foxy began to plan to free Baby from prison. To accomplish this they take the family and friends of Warden Virgil Dallas Harper hostage, demanding that he help Baby sneak out of prison or they will murder everyone.
Harper sneaks Baby out of prison by disguising her as a guard however Otis and Foxy still kill everyone by following their command.In Mexico Otis, Baby, and Foxy manage to successfully travel to a small town that is celebrating the Day of the Dead and hole up in the town’s only hotel.

They worry about being recognized. The owner keeps them occupied by the celebration and local prostitutes, to keep them from moving to another area. He warns Baby of the danger before running to warn Otis, just as Aquarius’s men break into the whorehouse.Otis and one of Aquarius’s men have a knife fight while Sebastian, who had been shot and left for dead during Foxy and Baby’s capture, sneaks up and silently frees Otis’s kin.

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