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  Release Date: Jun 07, 2019
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  Runtime: 116 min

Dark Phoenix Synopsis:

Dark Phoenix is 2019 movie and follows the plotline in which In 1975, eight-year-old Jean Grey inadvertently uses her telekinesis to cause a car accident that kills her mother, and apparently, her father. Professor takes her to School for Gifted Youngsters, where he mentally blocks the accident from her memories and helps her hone her psychic abilities.

World devastation caused by En Sabah after 9 years the X-Men respond to a distress signal from the space. A mental block placed by Xavier is destroyed and she accidentally attacks the mutants celebrating at that time. X-Men try to take Jean home. Jean travels to the mutant refugee island of Genosha to seek assistance from Erik Lehnsherr in controlling her powers but is turned away by Erik after she engages in combat with U.S. military forces tasked with her arrest. Hank McCoy, who feels betrayed by Xavier’s manipulation of Jean’s memories, allies with Erik and the mutant refugees in an attempt to put Jean down in New York City.

As they battle, Erik manages to enter the building and confront Jean but he is overpowered and is knocked out by her attack. Xavier then enters the building with Nightcrawler. Until Xavier convinces her to read his memories jean attacks on him. Then, the mutants are captured and the troops was sent by the U.S. government, and then the mutants from both factions are placed on a train headed towards a mutant containment facility.

Vuk and her D’Bari forces attack the train. When the soldiers are overpowered by the shape-shifters, the mutants are freed from their restraints to combat the threat. Mutants take out most of the D’Bari attackers than Vuk arrives and heads for Jean, defeating each mutant that attempts to stop her. After forgiving Xavier, Jean saves the mutants from Vuk’s attacks and the ensuing train wreck before proceeding to easily disintegrate the remaining D’Bari aliens when they attack her. The burst of energy in the form of a phoenix appears when jean disappears. While settling himself in Paris Xavier is reunited with Erik and reluctantly agrees to play a game of chess with him. Flaming phoenix appears in the sky when they start playing,

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