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  Release Date: Jul 26, 2019
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Dear Comrade Synopsis:

Dear comrade is the 2019 movie and the movie begins with Bobby drunk and angry. Bobby has severe anger management issues. He is the student union leader. He constantly gets into fights for the right cause. One day when he is returning from the police station after one such fight, he encounters a girl. They find her walking in the middle of the road and to avoid her, they head sideways and get injured.

As compensation, Bobby takes away her money to fix his bike. When he gets home that day, his mother introduces him to Lilly who was his childhood friend and the sister of his neighbor’s niece Jaya, who has come to visit. Her mother tells him that some idiot took her money. Bobby is shocked to find that Lilly is the same girl whom he had met earlier. They tell him to help her find the guy who took it, not knowing Bobby was “the idiot”. Lilly teases him about it and he discovers she is a professional cricket player.

He slowly starts to fall for her. Then it’s time for Jaya’s marriage. She tells him she’ll have to leave anyways and that he’ll probably forget her as soon as she goes, and that he probably doesn’t truly love her anyways. She leaves without looking back. Afterward, she goes back to her city, and Bobby can’t stop thinking about her. He goes to the city on his bike to follow her. They meet and discover she likes him too. Then he starts fighting and Lilly tells him how her brother was a rebel like him but died in a fight and asks him to stop fighting. Later he fights again and gets seriously injured. Lilly starts yelling at him and Bobby loses his temper and physically throws her out of the hospital and tells her not to come back.

She leaves and he realizes what he had done and becomes depressed. Then he travels for three years to try to forget her.One day, Bobby spots one of Lilly’s team players and discovers that she is working in a tailoring shop. Lilly told everything happened in her life.Bobby was trying to give her justice and to help her. Lilly is then called to tell the truth about what happened. At first, Lilly tells it is a lie that she wasn’t sexually harassed. Then Bobby had to lie that he had some personal vengeance against the coach and he only knew Lilly as a neighbor’s cousin. The police continue to harm Bobby. The coach goes on to insult both Bobby and Lilly in the court.

Aroused by this and hurt by Bobby’s departure, Lilly starts hurting the coach and shout at him and eventually confesses the truth after coming out of the court when questioned by the media, she says that every woman should have a comrade and calls Bobby as her true “COMRADE”. Bobby and Lilly rejoin after that. This film delivers a beautiful message that women should speak up for themselves and should have a true “COMRADE” with them.

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