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New seasons of Game of Thrones always tend to premiere in the spring and Season 8 is no exception. The final season will debut on Sunday, April14 2019. In terms of episode count, Season 8 will be the shortest of them all, clocking in at just six installments. The Season 8 premiere kicked off with a recap of Season 7, which ended with The Night King destroying the wall at Eastwatch and the White Walker army setting foot in Westeros. Harkening back to the very first episode of the show, where all the major characters were in Winterfell before dispersing, this show brings most of the characters to Winterfell.

The episode begins with Jon Snow and Daenerys Stormborn entering Winterfell escorted by the Unsullied, and Khaleesi immediately feels the disapproval of the Northerners and Jon & his sister Sansa. The tense moment is broken up by Daenerys&his; two remaining dragons flying over the  city, as its residents look on in awe. Game of Thrones fans may still be waiting to be reintroduced to The Night King in season eight, but the chilling leader of the dead still managed to kill in a terrifying message to WinterfellGame of Thrones will be aired at the same in both the UK and the US without any delay as part of a Transatlantic simulcastOn November 13, HBO released a teaser trailer for GoT’s final season, which unfortunately doesn’t offer any new footage, but does confirm that the show returns in April 2019. Variety reports that this could be GoT’s most expensive season yet, with a whopping budget of $15 million per episode.

There are only five more episodes left and the first episode has been used to settle allegiances, set up defenses against the White Walkers, and speak the truth into fruition. The fierce Lady Lyanna Mormont does not fail to express her disappointment over the fact that Jon bent the knee, and Sansa feels the same. Unlike Daenerys, Jon is declared the King in the North by the people, not by some birthright. Jon defends his decision and tells them that he bent the knee to protect his people, which is something that a true king would do.

In King’s Landing, the Golden Company that Queen Cersei Lannister ordered from the Iron Bank has also arrived, but without elephants. Euron Greyjoy attempts to seduce the Queen, and Cersei tells Euron that a queen has to be earned. He visits her in her room later. Meanwhile, Bronn is tasked to kill the Queen& his treasonous brother.The duration of time 0.54

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