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  Release Date: Jul 31, 2019
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  Runtime: 118 min

Hello, Love, Goodbye Synopsis:

Hello, Love, Goodbye is the 2019 Film and in this Movie, we saw the love story of Joy (Bernardo) and Ethan (Richards), Filipino workers based in Hong Kong. The movie follows the plotline in which in the bustling high of cramped Hong Kong, two OFWs are destined to change each other’s lives forever. JOY is a poor millennial who works in Hong Kong as a domestic helper. While she improved in her job and enjoys the friendship of many other empowered domestic helpers, she plans to leave the city soon.

Hong Kong is only her stopover. She wants to live a greater life different from her deprived childhood, Joy has big dreams of succeeding in Canada or wherever her dreams may take her. In her journey to achieving her goals, Joy meets Pinoy bartender ETHAN. A playboy Ethan is a sweetheart and he already builds a permanent life in Hong Kong. He will officially become a resident in the city after some time. After escaping responsibilities all his life, Ethan now wants to commit to a career and to his family (who also reside in Hong Kong).

Joy and Ethan soon develop a friendship. The two become each other. When sad and unhappy nights come, they fully surrender to each other’s comfort. Still, they told each other: this is just “for now”, we are not permanent. None the less, as they overcome and try to solve more and more problems in Hong Kong together, Joy and Ethan’s love deepens.

They become each other’s savior-helping and they mend their lifelong wounds and realize their ambitions. They all are surprised and thought that their relationship continuo for a lifetime or not. But what happens when Joy due to his dreams take her away from Hong Kong? How can their love possibly survive or not? Is the big question for the audience?

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