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  Release Date: Jul 03, 2019
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Midsommar Synopsis:

This is 2019 movie and we saw the story of Dani, a College student who suffers from severe emotional trauma after her sister kills their parents and commits suicide during winter. Due to this Dani’s relationship with her boyfriend, Christian Hughes — an anthropology graduate student — is adversely affected.

Dani attends a party with Christian in summers, where she learns that he, along with fellow graduate students Mark and Josh, had been invited by their Swedish friend Pelle to attend a celebration that occurs once every ninety years at Pelle’s ancestral commune, the Harga. After Dani knows that the trip was two weeks before the flight, Christian awkwardly invites her to join them. Tensions rise after Pelle brings them to witness an Attestupa ritual in which the two commune elders commit senicide by leaping from a clifftop.

Despite the fact the group finds the ritual disturbing, they decide to stay, both at the behest of Pelle and because the Harga is the subject of Josh’s thesis. The next day, Simon and Connie disappear, however, the group is assured they were taken to the train station. Christian decides to copy Josh’s thesis on the Harga, causing a rift between the two. Josh attempts to solicit more information from an elder on the commune’s ancient runic practices, which are based on paintings made by a deformed member selectively born incestuously, whom they consider an oracle. After Mark unwittingly urinates on an ancestral tree, he is lured away by a female member.

Josh sneaks into a temple to photograph their sacred runic text on that night. When Josh is distracted by a partially nude man wearing Mark’s skinned face, he is hit over the head with a hammer and dragged out of the building.Dani participates in a maypole dancing competition on the next day and she has crowned the “May Queen,” an esteemed title in the cult. Christian is drugged and groomed to participate in a ritual at that time.

Dani has a panic attack when she knows that Christian having sex with Maja and several of the Harga women wail with her. He is then paralyzed by an elder with the aid of an unknown drug. As the May Queen, Dani has to choose the ninth and final victim: either an outsider or a lottery selected cult member. Bitter and heartbroken, Dani chooses to sacrifice Christian.

Christian is stuffed into a disemboweled bear and placed in the yellow temple, alongside the ritualistically-prepared corpses of Josh, Mark, Connie, Simon, the two elders, the still-living Ingmar, and the second living volunteer. While the temple burns and the cult celebrate the completion of their ritual, Dani at first sobs in horror but gradually begins to smile.

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