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  Release Date: Sep 13, 2019
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Monos Synopsis:

Monos is a 2019 drama film directed by Alejandro Landes, written by Landes and Alexis Dos Santos and produced by Fernando Epstein, Santiago Zapata, Cristina Landes and Landes himself. It stars Julianne Nicholson and Moisés Arias. This film was released in the United States on September 13, 2019, by Neon and Participant Media, receiving positive reviews from critics.The movie follows the plotline in which in a remote mountaintop setting somewhere in Latin America, the Monos, a group of commandos identified only by their noms de Guerre, perform military training exercises while watching over a prisoner of war, Doctora (Nicholson).

They are visited by the Messenger (Salazar), who oversees their drills and instructs them to push themselves harder. Two of Monos, Lady (Quintero) and Wolf (Giraldo), request permission to enter a romantic relationship which the Messenger authorizes. Before departing, he leaves the Monos in charge of a milk cow named Shakira.Lady and Wolf consummate their relationship, an event the other commandos honor with celebratory gunfire, during which Shakira is inadvertently shot and killed by Dog (Cubes). The Monos punish Dog by putting him in solitary confinement in a ditch and then drag Shakira’s body to their camp to strip it for meat. While observing this, Wolf is overcome with emotion and commits suicide.

The Monos report this to the Messenger via radio; Lady and Rambo (Buenaventura) subsequently have a sexual encounter. With Wolf’s death, Bigfoot (Arias) assumes the role of the head of the squadron.The Monos’ base is attacked, and Doctora is put under the watch of Swede (Castrillón), who informs her that she will be killed if the opposing forces try to rescue her. While they are alone together, Doctora attempts to reason with Swede and appeal to her emotions, culminating in the two sharing a kiss. Swede quickly laughs off the incident.The following day, Bigfoot announces that the Monos were triumphant in the fight and will be relocating to the jungle. Soon after their arrival, Doctora escapes.

Bigfoot is enraged, damaging the radio and declaring the Monos independent of the unnamed organization that they serve. After Doctor is recaptured, Bigfoot demands that Rambo chain the prisoner to a tree. He does so but begins to cry, further angering Bigfoot.The Messenger returns to check on the Monos, forcing them to carry out strenuous exercises and confess to him about one another’s misdeeds. Rambo reveals that Lady and Bigfoot have begun a sexual relationship without approval, while Smurf (Rueda) recounts what Bigfoot said about the Monos’ independence. The Messenger announces that he will be taking Bigfoot to be assessed by the Organization’s superiors.

However, on the motorboat ride there, Bigfoot shoots the Messenger in the back and returns to the jungle camp. Smurf is reprimanded by being tied to a tree, and the Monos thereafter double down on their training, successfully attacking several individuals on a motorcycle and a helicopter.Swede takes Doctora to swim and soon joins her in the river. The doctor uses the chain to strangle Swede to death underwater, and then breaks the links with a rock. Back on land, she finds Smurf and takes his boots. Smurf begs Doctora to bring him with her, but she declines.

During the night, Rambo tries to free Smurf but is stopped by Lady; Rambo then runs off on his own, coming across a boat, where he is caught by its owner (Román) who is diving for gold in the river. He takes Rambo back to his home, where Rambo meets the man’s family and is given food and a bed. The Monos track Rambo down and attack the house, killing the man and his wife. As Rambo flees, a television in the background reports that Doctora has been found by authorities. Lady aims her gun at the couple’s three children while Bigfoot, Boom Boom, and Dog chase after Rambo, who jumps into the river. Eventually, Rambo washes up on the sand and is picked up by a helicopter, whose pilots use their radio to relate that they have found an unidentified person. As Rambo listens, his eyes fill with tears

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