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  Release Date: May 10, 2019
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Pokemon Detective Pikachu Synopsis:

It is a 2019 movie and in this movie we saw, in a world where people collect Pokemon to do battle, a boy comes across an intelligent talking Pikachu who seeks to be a detective.When ace detective Harry Goodman goes mysteriously missing prompting his 21-year-old son Tim to find out what happened then the story begins. Aiding in the investigation is Harry’s former Pokemon partner, Detective Pikachu: a hilariously wise-cracking, adorable super-sleuth who is a puzzle even to himself.

Tim and Pikachu join forces on a thrilling adventure to unravel the tangled mystery when they find that they are uniquely equipped to communicate with one another. They try to find clues together through the streets of City a sprawling which is neon-lit and modern metropolis where humans and Pokemon live side by side in a hyper-realistic live-action world they uncover a shocking plot that could destroy this peaceful co-existence and threaten the whole Pokemon universe and encounter a diverse cast of Pokemon characters.

The Pokemon World is an amazing place that is filled with hundreds of unique and different creatures – Pokemon. In Ryme City, Kanto, one of the few English speaking Pokemon in the world, Detective Pikachu, teams up with the son of a missing detective (Tim) to find Tim’s dad.

In this movie, we saw that in a world, wherewith harmony people and pokemon but the big question is that, what happens to the people who cannot become pokemon trainers?in this movie, we saw Tim Goodman who has a normal life without pokemon. He wants to find his father who is missing and wants to solve the mystery behind the adorable and snarky Pikachu which Tim can understand but others cannot. Who seems to be a detective and he become the part of Tim and Pikachu team as they try to solve this tricky case and discover what is going on!

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