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  Release Date: May 10, 2019
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  Runtime: 147 min

Student of the Year 2 Synopsis:

Student of the year 2 is 2019 Hindi movie and in this movie, Rohan Sachdev, a hard-working student of the Pishorilal Chamandas College in Mussoorie, is in a relationship with Mridula Chawla but Mridula transfers to St. Teresa’s, a college in Dehradun for the wealthy and privileged and then they are separated. Rohan left-back because he is unable to afford the fees. He applies for a scholarship under the sports quota in the college and manages to gain admission because he wants to live with Mridula but Mridula has changed her name and rechristened herself, Mia Chawla, to fit in with others at her new college. She initially told Rohan to stays away from her but they soon begin a relationship again.

Manav Singh Randhawa, a rich and affluent student two-time winner of the Student of the Year Cup, meets with Rohan. The two become quick friends, but Rohan remains at logger’s heads with Manav’s sister Shreya Randhawa, who detests him. There is a dance competition in the collage and Rohan and Mia are set up against Manav and Shreya. Mia wants popularity so she needs to win the competition, while Shreya wants to convince her tyrannical father of her ability to dance and enroll in a dance school in London. When Mia falters during a step Manav and Shreya win the contest. Rohan finds that Mia is getting intimate with Manav. Rohan thought that Manav had planted Mia to spoil Rohan’s performance as Manav saw him as a threat to his image in the college.

Rohan is rusticated from St. Teresa’s because he punches the Manav. Before leaving the campus, Manav and his gang attack Rohan and beat him vigorously, throwing him out of the campus gate leaving unconscious. He goes back to Pishorilal Chamandas College. Meanwhile, Shreya falls in love with Rohan. Rohan and his teammates at Pishorilal Chamandas train hard to win the 29th Annual Inter-College Dignity Cup, an inter-college competition. Historical always got the last rank in the contest from the past few years but with Rohan’s hard work and motivation and the team’s effort, Pishorilal Chamandas College defeats the defending champions of the Cup Saint Teresa and Rohan wins the Student of the Year.

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