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  Release Date: Sep 07, 2018
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The Apparition Synopsis:

The Apparition is a 2018 movie . In this movie a solitary man, suffering from severe tinnitus, accompanies a coffin onto a plane on the tarmac of a Middle-Eastern country in the midst of conflict. His profession? War correspondent. His mission? “To bring back evidence and images of the injustice and folly of our world.” A mission that is certainly challenged by the death of a colleague and friend. And that is the person , to his surprise which is so great (no longer a practicing Catholic despite being baptised), that the Vatican asks to participate in a canonical investigation into an 18-year-old girl claiming to have seen the Virgin Mary in South-East France, threatening to “disturb public order” in the local area. And so begins The Apparition , the new film by Xavier Giannoli.

A director with an eye for lifting the veil on subjects that are often intriguing and always stimulating, and whose career has been punctuated by several festival appearances (in competition at Cannes in 2006 and 2009 with The Singer band In the Beginning , and at Venice with Superstar in 2012 and Marguerite in 2015). Here we find our journalist (an excellent performance by Vincent Lindon) and jacques , immersed in a religious affair whose key issues he knows little about.

The framework for starters (a short coming which he makes up for by visiting the Holy Office archives, overflowing with files on appearances reported all over the world), as well as the all procedures like investigation setting up meetings with the other members of the commission (a psychiatrist, a theologian, a priest, etc), and then the definition of the evaluation criteria ( her message in relation to the doctrine, and her potential as a source of devotion).

The condition in which they does not mention the irrational, due to which they manifests itself by way of a confrontation with the power of faith that brings Anna to life, attracting a cohort of overjoyed pilgrims, protected by the (Patrick D’Assumçao) and fussed over by an economic organisation (posters and related objects) led by a man called Anton (Anatole Taubman). From result of the scientific tests, from looking for witnesses to deciphering the girl’s past, from disconcerting coincidences to personal questions, Jacques will plunge into mystical territory in order to conferm whether or not the very moving and charismatic Anna is telling the truth.

An exciting film, The Apparition handle to create and maintain suspense like police – style on a theme that doesn’t obviously develop as it might do on paper, thus allowing the filmmaker to focus on the area which is ever – fluctuating between belief and doubt, truth and lies. someone looking through the eyes of the two main protagonists, known as the humanist exploration , which benefits from highly evocative décor and some excellent work by Eric Gautier as the director of photography.

The “resolution” of the plot , known as Nevertheless, closing the loop perhaps a little too perfectly, won’t fail to surprise the audience and provoke questions. A mystery of faith, perhaps, but not a mortal sin for a film that succeeds in transubstantiating a great cinematic ambition into a narrative that intelligently captures the viewer’s attention.This film is Produced by Curiosa Films, The Apparition is sold internationally by Memento who will screen the film at theEuropean Film Market at the 68th Berlin Film Festival (from February 15 february to 25 february 2018) and who will also be distributing the film in French cinemas on 14 February.

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