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  Release Date: Sep 13, 2019
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  Runtime: 149 min

The Goldfinch Synopsis:

Goldfinch follows the plotline in which a 13-year-old Theodore Decker’s mother is killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. As a result, Theo is placed with the Barbour’s, the family of his estranged friend Andy, as he has no other relatives in the city and his father has abandoned him.
Theo reconnects with Andy and becomes close to Andy’s mother, Samantha Barbour (Nicole Kidman), who encourages his interest in her antiques and art.

After Samantha finds an engraved ring in Theo’s possession is found by Samantha and he goes to visit the shop where it came from, Hobart & Blackwell.Hobie allows Theo to visit with Pippa, who has serious injuries, and the two bonds. Theo regularly visits Hobie’s house even after Pippa leaves to live with her aunt in Texas.One of the few items he takes with him is The Goldfinch, one of the few remaining paintings by Carel Fabritius which Theo stole from the museum after the bombing.

Eight years later, Theo (Ansel Elgort) has returned to New York City where he runs into Platt, Andy’s older brother. Platt informs Theo that his father was bipolar and that he and Andy were killed in a boating accident during one of his episodes. Theo goes to visit a now sickly Mrs.Theo now works selling the antiques that Hobie finds and restores. Theo is shocked that the man-made the connection between him and the painting.

Eight years earlier, when Theo was living in Las Vegas, he managed to make one friend, Boris (Finn Wolfhard), a Ukrainian immigrant whose father was physically abusive. Boris, who had also lost his mother, introduced Theo to drugs and alcohol. Theo’s father, sliding further into alcoholism and gambling, dies in a car accident. Terrified that Xandra would place him in foster care, Theo decided to return to New York.

Theo becomes engaged to Kitsey, whom he does not love, still harboring a secret love for Pippa, who now lives in London. Theo catches Kitsey cheating on him but decides to remain engaged due to his love for Mrs. The two reconnect, with Boris telling Theo that he owes everything to their friendship.

Boris arrives in Theo’s engagement and tells him that he has a plan to recover The Goldfinch. They fly to Amsterdam, where Theo pretends to be a wealthy businessman, and they reclaim the painting. However, the plan goes poorly, and Boris is shot. Theo kills a man in self-defense, losing the painting again.In the hotel room Theo tries to commit suicide, only to be rescued by Boris. Boris tells Theo that, knowing where the painting was, he had a friend call in a tip to the police to recover it, along with other lost and stolen art including a Rembrandt.

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